Our Offices

We have been located in the centre of the Village since 1999, but originally next door at 1B Packman Lane.

In January 2005 we completed the purchase of the Old Blacksmiths Forge in the centre of Kirk Ella, opposite the Church, and then spent 8 months restoring it ready to move into later in the year.

The building has one of the Blue Heritage Trail plaques on as it dates back to the 18th Century, and as you may guess from the name, it was the original Blacksmiths Forge!

At some point in the 50's the original clay pan tiles and original sledge dormer had been removed and replaced with concrete tiles, which due to the additional weight had caused the exterior walls to splay, so we set about a plan to restore the building to it's former glory, but also make it suitable to our needs going forward.

If you know the building, you may also know the terrible condition it was in when we purchase it, and together with help from the local conservation department and parish council we put together great plans to sympathetically restore the property by doing the following:

  • Reinstate the original Sledge Dormers
  • Remove the roof completely (in the end we had to remove and replace every joist and install a 13 metre girder to support the new roof) and reinstate with original clay pan tiles
  • Remove the ceilings and floors as they appeared to have suffered fire damage at some point in history and were actually sloping / bowing
  • Completely gut the electrics and install gas mains
  • Completely line and restore the walls including damp proofing / injecting
  • Also at some point the building used to house an old Petrol Filling pump and as such has fuel tanks in the ground....we dug down about 4 feet and replaced the floor, replaced with hardcore and new concrete.
  • Rebuild the outbuildings

AND SO ON...............

The building now features on the signs as you come into the village.