Life Cover on Expenses

This is aimed more at business owners that are looking for the most tax efficient way to provide life cover for themselves or their employees, and can in some cases reduce the total overall net cost of cover by almost 50%.

Protection is a massive part of the whole advice process, and whilst it can be a very morbid subject, trust me when I say the implications of NOT discussing it should the worst happen are far, far worse!!

However, every now and then something comes along which can make the prospect of discussing and subsequently paying for this type of cover easier to bear.

When we talk to clients about protection, it isnt always driven by what level of cover, or type of cover a client SHOULD have, and the reason for this is simple, in most cases we have to consider the clients budget and affordability! so when opportunities arise that can reduce the cost of cover we cant ignore it.

By using a Relevant Life Plan and assuming a number of specific criteria are met, we can make the premiums payable for basic life cover that much more affordable and tax efficient.

It can also help businesses with too few employees for a group death in service scheme, or for employers that want to provide additional benefits to staff. So if you own your own business, or know someone that does and may well benefit from discussing this in more depth, then please dont hesitate to get in contact.

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